Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ultrafiltration – An alternative to fining

Have you considered the cost of fining your wines… especially pressings? The loss of flavour, aroma and colour? The cost of the fining agent, labour, additional clarification? What if you could remove phenolics using a filter… no additions… What if pressings, even hard pressings could jump a quality grade? What if they could make bottle… Read more »

Micro-oxygenation releases wine’s full potential

Enhance the benefits of barrel maturation and release your wine’s full potential with our unique approach to micro-oxygenation. With Memstar’s proprietary systems, you can take full control over the maturation of your wine, either in barrel or tank, while helping develop complexity, quality and structure… resulting in noticeably improved quality all around.

When you concentrate, anything’s possible

For some Australian winemakers this year’s harvest will be excellent. For many others, now is the time to focus on solutions to the countless problems of a particularly complex year. Wine concentration is perfectly suited to refining wine, dramatically increasing quality and adding value. Our innovative, reliable and affordable process improves flavour, colour and depth…. Read more »

Getting your alcohol content just right

Winemakers work hard to perfect their wines, but on occasion find that high levels of alcohol are masking their efforts and disguising the true character of the product. When we conduct ‘sweet spot’ tastings with winemakers, we find that the overall quality and flavour of the wine is distinctly improved as a result of even… Read more »