Monthly Archives: May 2016

The future of wine stability is crystal clear

Memstar has introduced a unique, non-obtrusive treatment process that targets and gently reduces unstable acids in wine without any change in the wine at all. Cold Stabilisation also removes unsightly crystalline deposits thanks to the company’s membrane technology developed in the US. What’s more, the process does the job in red as well as white… Read more »

Advanced crossflow filtration

Crossflow filtration has become ‘the’ method for wine clarification in the winery. Clarification is one of the critical steps in winemaking, making the selection of which crossflow unit to use very important. Memstar have designed a crossflow system with winemaking surety in mind, using these filters winemakers can rely on the task being completed right… Read more »

Eliminate volatile personality from your wine

Winemaking is a volatile mix of weather conditions, fruit, soil conditions, market influences and of course, chemistry. Removing Volatile Acidity (VA) is something that Memstar specialises in. With the benefits of mobile, cost effective, gentle treatment right at your winery, we offer you great value while helping to refine your fine wines. With a minimum… Read more »