Monthly Archives: July 2016

Where there is VA, there is a way…

Winemaking is a volatile mix of weather conditions, fruit, soil conditions, market influences and of course, chemistry. Removing Volatile Acidity (VA) is something that we specialise in. With the benefits of mobile, cost effective, gentle treatment right at your winery, we offer you great value while helping to refine your fine wines. With a minimum… Read more »

Alcohol correction gets the winemakers’ vision back on track.

Alcohol correction (often variously referred to as either alcohol adjustment or removal) is a critical part of the modern winemaking practice, and is particularly relevant in warmer climate regions such as Barossa and McLaren Vale in South Australia. With the increased incidents of global warming effects, and the compression of typical harvest durations, the requirement… Read more »

Target trivial issues in your wine before they become problematic

Memstar’s Micro Unit adds a significant capability to its equipment ranges. It combines flavour concentration, alcohol correction and taint removal capabilities in a single bench-top unit. Using as little as 5 litres of wine, it takes the guesswork out of winemakers’ decision-making process. It provides a great level of comfort in this great technology, identifying… Read more »