Alcohol Correction in Wine


Memstar is Australia’s leading practitioner in the identification and subsequent treatment of one of the biggest challenges in the current wine community – that of alcohol correction in wine (also referred to as alcohol reduction in wine, alcohol adjustment, alcohol removal, de-alcoholisation, de-alcing). Memstar understands the attendant sensory impact and potential benefit that holds for global wine consumers.

Alcohol correction (often variously referred to as either alcohol adjustment or removal) is a critical part of the modern winemaking practice, and is particularly relevant to wines that are warmer on the palate requiring attention to alcohol content.

  1. Alcohol correction is the first 30% (15% alc to 10% alc) of alcohol reduction in wine
  2. Alcohol adjustment is the next 30–60% (10% alc to 5% alc) of alcohol reduction in wine
  3. Alcohol removal or de-alcoholisation is the final 60–100% (5% alc to 0% alc) of alcohol reduction in wine

Alcohol Correction in WineWith the increased incidents of global warming effects, and the compression of typical harvest durations, the requirement to manage alcohol in wines in a way that protects the integrity of the winemakers’ original vision; preserves the accepted style profile of the particular variety or region; and, addresses emerging concerns around consumer health and wellbeing, is invaluable.

Memstar’s unique and proprietary system for alcohol correction in wine manages all of these issues, and contributes directly to the integrity, value and purpose of the finished wine.