We concentrate on helping improve your wine.

White Wine GlassThe Memstar concentration process treats grape juice or wine to increase flavour intensity, colour and body. It does this by using reverse osmosis to remove a portion of the grape juice or wine as permeate.

By removing 5% to 15% of the wine volume as permeate, the flavours, colour and tannins in the remaining wine become concentrated. The wines become richer and more full bodied, giving them that little bit extra in a very competitive environment.

The winemaker has the choice of treating grape juice prior to fermentation or wine after. Juice (must) concentration by reverse osmosis has been used for many years for the removal of water to increase sugar and flavour concentration. It is ideal for treating juices and musts that have become heavily diluted as a result of rain just before harvest. It is a superior technique for alcohol augmentation compared to the addition of sugar (chaptalisation) but has more limited benefits where the grapes are green and under-ripe.

Of all Memstar’s service offerings, this is the most straightforward but for many of its clients, flavour concentration is a very valuable technique. Small batch trials are also available.

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