Perfectly balanced wine – it’s just a matter of concentration.

Wherever you sit on the question of whether wine is art or science, there can be little debate that it is always heavily dependent on weather and season.

With all of the vagaries of vintage 2017, no doubt some wineries will have managed the conditions well and made great wine. Many others will not have fared so well, and the challenges of a later season, rain and protracted ripening under disease pressure, will have unsettled and overturned the best of intentions.

Equipment Service Reverse Osmosis

Memstar and VA Filtration are at the forefront of developing technologies and methods to assist the winemaker in preserving the original intention behind a finished wine’s intended flavour, weight and body profile.

Our unique concentration process increases flavour intensity, colour and body in grape juice or wine. The improved concentration of flavour and colour introduces more weight on the palate and substantially enhances quality. Mouthfeel is greatly improved.

Grape juice (or must) concentration by reverse osmosis has been used for many years for the removal of water to increase sugar and flavour concentration. It is ideal for treating juices and musts that have become diluted as a result of rain just before harvest.

Wine concentration after fermentation is the preferred option when the concentration of flavour, colour and other quality components is low.

Typically, winemakers notice a significant improvement in wine quality with the removal of 3% up to 20% of the original volume as permeate.

This is a simple, cost effective and reversible technique.

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