Systems for Sale


We have the flexibility and capacity to build an extensive range of systems available for purchase

 System Series   Nominal Capacities (Equivalent wine @ 1% reduction)
 Micro  Laboratory System
 Mini  180 – 1500 Litres
 Midi  2400 – 5700 Litres
Maxi  9100 – 21000 Litres

Our market-leading technology is a proven design based on years of winemaking experience.

Memstar’s Mini, Midi and Maxi series of systems cover capacities ranging from as low as 185L of wine per hour reduced by 1% alcohol, up to 21000L per hour.

Micro AC, the bench-top Memstar system designed for laboratory trials, is also available for purchase. Determine alcohol and wine concentration sweet spots, and processing requirements for taint reduction.

Systems are available to be purchased outright including a license for the use of the technology.

Contact Memstar direct to discuss your requirements or make an enquiry

It should be noted that the Memstar technology is patented in Australia and subject to international patent applications. Unlicensed use of the technology will be prosecuted as infringements of Memstars intellectual property.