Equipment & Services

Memstar RO equipment is the heart of the concentration process. It is mobile and it is operated by skilled Wine Network Technology staff. This process is offered as an onsite service to winemakers at their own winery. Batches as small as 2,000 litres and as large as 1,000,000 litres have been treated successfully and economically.

For very large wineries, it may be more practical to own and operate their own plant. In this case, Memstar has a range of suitably configured reverse osmosis models from which to choose:

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Model code Membrane size Membrane number Rated operating pressure (bar) Typical permeate flow rate (litres per hour)*
RO4-04-40 4″ (100mm) 4 40 300 lph
RO4-08-70 4 4″ (100mm) 8 70 600 lph
RO4-16-70 4″ (100mm) 16 70 1200 lph
RO8-08-70 8″ (200mm) 8 70 2400 lph

* Nominal – for new membranes; filtered, stable, medium bodied dry red wine at >15°C