Barrel mate

Barrelmate(barrel)mate is designed for micro-oxygenation in oak barrels up to 600 litres in volume
It is available to be purchased outright, or with a flexible support program
Advantages of O2mate – Why use (barrel)mate instead of conventional systems?


Uses the same method by which wines mature in barrel
Allows greater control of the wine’s oxygen uptake
Provides better integration of wine and oak
Winemakers can realise the full benefits of micro-oxygenation whilst maturing wines in premium barrels; a combination not previously available


Minimal running costs
Requires no maintenance
Reduces wine losses
Reduces the need for racking
Avoids the difficulty of maintaining empty barrels while the wine is in tank


Allows micro-oxygenation of small parcels not possible with bubbling micro-oxygenation techniques
Allows the winemaker to optimise blend fractions in different oak types or with different tannin structures such as those resulting from pre or post fermentation treatments
Ideal for small scale and wine show lots

Simple to set up and easy to operate, the features of (barrel)mate include:
A variable air supply to allow you to determine the rate at which the wine takes up oxygen
Specialised polymer tubing that diffuses oxygen into the wine while maintaining a sealed barrel
A total system incorporating power supply, air supply, electronic control, connecting tubing, silicone bungs, diffusers and operating instructions

Dual power supply of rechargeable battery with battery charger, or 240 volts AC supply
Optional installation and operational advice available from Wine Network’s winemaking consultants
Spare parts and backup service from Wine Network in Australia
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This equipment is also available for short, medium or long-term rental.

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