Tank mate

Tankmate(tank)mate is designed for micro-oxygenation of wine in tanks
It is particularly useful in tanks that are not able to use “traditional” gas injection micro-oxygenation systems because of size restrictions

Advantages of O2mate – Why use (tank)mate instead of conventional systems?


Allows you to use your tanks like barrels
Easy to combine with barrel alternatives such as oak chips or staves
Provides better and more rapid integration of wine and oak

Lower Production Costs

Produce barrel-quality wine in tank
Avoid costs of barrels, barrel racks, labour for racking/topping etc
Minimal running costs
Requires no maintenance
Uses atmospheric oxygen, not expensive bottled gas


Ideal for small batches
Allows the winemaker to optimise blend fractions

Simple to set up and easy to operate, the features of (tank)mate include:
A variable air supply to allow you to determine the rate at which the wine takes up oxygen
Specialised polymer tubing that diffuses oxygen into the wine while maintaining a sealed tank
A total system incorporating power supply, air supply, electronic control, connecting tubing, diffuser and operating instructions

Spare parts and back-up service from Wine Network Australia

This equipment is also available for short, medium or long-term rental.

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