Equipment & Services

Wine Network Technology is the licensee in Australia and New Zealand for the patented Memstar VA reduction process. Since 1997, it has offered a mobile service to hundreds of clients and many millions of litres of wine have been successfully treated.

Process is unique, effective & specific.

No other service provider can offer a process for effectively reducing volatile acidity while leaving other wine components intact.

Service is mobile and flexible.

All Memstar VA equipment is mobile and is operated by skilled Wine Network Technology staff at the clients own winery. Batches as small as 2,000 litres, and as large as 250,000 litres, have been treated successfully and economically.

Hire and purchase options.

memstar-tanks-blue-vaComplete Memstar VA systems are generally not for sale. Fortunately, volatile acidity is not such a common problem for a winery that it would consider acquiring the specialist skills or owning and maintaining the equipment to treat it. However, when winemakers believe that equipment hire or purchase may be more appropriate they should contact Memstar for options. It should be noted that the Memstar VA reduction process is patented and unlicensed use of the technology will be prosecuted as infringements of Memstars intellectual property.

Contact Memstar for advice and more information on this process, its applicability, pricing and scheduling.